Environmental Solutions

ArabEnv assists our clients in finding cost-saving solutions to a spectrum of issues affecting both human and environmental health, including occupational health and safety, indoor air quality, waste and hazardous materials assessment and management, sustainable energy, coastal zone management, among others.

Drawing our portfolio of successful past interventions, ArabEnv will work with clients to develop alternative options and action plans designed for the specific context and issue at Hand


  • Green Hospitals; Hospitals are huge energy intensive facilities; that‘s why many hospitals and healthcare facilities are moving toward sustainability. Sustainability will balance your economical goals with your environmental ones, through lowering your initial costs, provide better care for patients, increase patient safety, offer better work environment for your employees and distinguish yourself in the marketplace. 


  • Environmental Health; ArabEnv provides multi services in terms of environmental and public health, services are aiming health issues with relevance to environmental conditions or factors, this solutions includes developing and managing environmental and public health awareness and education programs, we also develop and implement programs to solve existing environmental and public health problems.