The Climate Reality Project


Climate Change is the change in weather conditions over a long period of time. Due to its complex effects that affect not only the environment but human health, economy, agriculture and society as well, climate change has become the most important environmental issue. Another reason of the importance of climate change, is the special characteristic of climate change as a trans-boundary problem where its’ effects are not limited to its’ sources.


ArabEnv - Environmental Solutions and Sustainability provides consultancy services in the following categories:


  1. Legislation and Policy
  2. Adaptation to Climate Change
  3. Mitigation
  4. Training
  5. Education (School and university)


In This regard, and in order to reach the maximum limit of variety of expertise, ArabEnv managed to build several partnerships with many high reputable organizations who have a wide experience in the field of climate change.


Further, ArabEnv is a “Climate Leader”, which is a title given by “The Climate Reality Project” for companies joining their program “Climate Reality Leadership Corps”.