ArabEnv: Bringing Business and Environment Together


The Earth’s natural resources sustain every living being, every process, and every
system existing on this planet. Man’s greatest achievements have found their inspi
ration in nature, and our very existence depends on a healthy environment.

The need to develop sustainable projects that negotiate between economic, cultural
and environmental wellbeing for the mutual and accelerated benefit of all is increas
ingly becoming recognized as not only a model of business best-practice, but as a
necessity for future prosperity.
In order to address this critical nexus, ArabEnv – an international independent environmental management consulting firm – delivers innovative strategic services for both public and private sector clients in all facets of sustainable development. ArabEnv's mission is to form part of the solution to curb current unsustainable use of the world’s resources while enabling our clients to reach their business, professional and project goals. Empowered by a team of dedicated international experts, we will assist clients through all stages of project design, development, implementation and sustained monitoring. From green-building to environmental awareness, to project management and training, our team aims to enable both our clients and the natural environment to meet their highest potential through improved practice and performance well into the future.

Who We Are

ArabEnv is comprised of a core team of experts reflecting multicultural and multilingual backgrounds, who have years of experience working in environmental management around the world. ArabEnv’s vast database of global consultant specialists means we guarantee top expertise to address the particular project at hand, and can contribute an extensive network of best practice models. The individuals and experts who work with ArabEnv are united by their passion to the environmental issues we address, the shared mission of building solutions that maximize the potential of our clients and our natural surroundings, and the dedication to tangible, on-the-ground and lasting results.

“Take care of the earth and she will take care of you”. – Unknown Author