Bea’ty is KSA National Environmental literacy and sustainable development program, Bea’ty aims to move KSA from a “business as usual” approach to national development developed by a few experts and planners, to a holistic, integrated approach that creates a common vision of the future, engages and value the participation of citizens in identifying problems and finding solutions, and relies heavily on individual and institutional commitments and support.

Bea’ty can play the pivotal role in national development efforts by helping to bring together the key stakeholders and forge a new way sustainable future for Saudi Arabia.

The program objectives are to raise the general awareness, understanding and knowledge about key environmental issues of various sectors of Saudi Arabia while providing citizens the skills, tools, technologies, and confidence to take action.

On the long term side; Bea’ty objective is to enable average citizens to become more environmentally literate and voluntarily comply with national environmental laws, thereby contributing to national sustainable development objectives and improving overall standards of living.

ArabEnv is the exclusive technical partner for the implementation of Bea'ty.