School SENS

School SENS®: Mobilization of Teachers, Students and Youth

This is a program implemented by the Saudi Environmental Society (Sens) and ArabEnv is the exclusive technical partner for this program.

The program aims to ensure that all formal and non-formal educa tional activities for students and youth stress practical applications of how newly acquired environmental knowledge, attitudes and critical thinking and action skills can be converted to responsible environmental behavior. Learners undergo tremendous changes in their environmental literacy in all grades, particularly with their ecological knowledge, attitudes, and desire to become responsible citizens.


  1. Teachers training workshop - Early Childhood - 2011

  2. Teachers training workshop - Elementary Schools - 2011

  3. Teachers training workshop - Middle Schools - 2011

  4. The production of School Sens kit for pre K grade

  5. The production of School Sens kit for elementary schools 

  6. The production of School Sens kit for middle schools  

School SENS Publications