Littering from Vehicles Campaign

Based on INSIGHT Group sense of responsibility towards national duty, under the umbrella of Insight-Group, ArabEnv planned a comprehensive national awareness campaign which aims to minify the improper behaviors that harm our environment and cause health issues. Littering from vehicles, will be the title of our campaign. Litter consists of waste products that have been disposed improperly without consent in an inappropriate location. There is no excuse for littering out of the car, it's really anti-social and we know people hate seeing litter on our streets.

Littering poses environmental and health hazards, that led us to launch this campaign. With our team of consultants, we managed to develop a prevention strategy that tackles the problem to help reduce intentional littering on roadways. We are taking part in a hard-hitting national campaign that aims to reach a broad audience to raise and maintain awareness and educate locals about the far reaching negative effects of littering on our environment, driven by our ethics that reflect our culture in caring about beautifying our beloved country by keeping it clean and healthy, which will help in magnifying the Jordanian pride. The strategy relies heavily on the partnership and involvement of public and private sectors in Jordan. The strategy includes a short-term plan to raise awareness and requires a long-term commitment for observing behavior change.