ChloroFeel Center

The environmental challenges in Jordan are various and range from water shortage to water and air pollution to desertification. Yet, a vast number of Jordanians are not aware of the link between their negative behaviors and the impact on the environment and how shifting these simple behaviors toward sustainability can ensure better lives for them and for the next generations.

Therefore, ArabEnv team formulated an idea of establishing the first Environmental Educational Center of its kind in Jordan. A center that focuses on disseminating knowledge and raising awareness of the community in general and youth in specific on the importance of adopting new behaviors that ensure saving the natural resources and strengthen their sense of ownership to their surroundings through practical learning.

The structure of the Environmental Educational Center itself provides observational and hands-on educational tools for its visitors as it is based on four core concepts, which are:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture
  2. Sustainable Animal Farm
  3. Environmental Technologies and Solutions
  4. Green Building Facilities

The center will use green technology and practical tools in communicating knowledge and awareness to people by bonding them with the natural resources through a package of recreational and educational activities in a way that merges learning with fun. Nevertheless, the center and all of its unique services will be dedicated to the community with reasonable fees as a source of income in order to sustain its existence along with the revenue long-term strategy.