“Sustainable Energy Alternatives in Iraq”
Date: March 10-12/ 2014

The Theme of the Workshop

Although Iraq is one of the main oil producers in the world, we acknowledge the oil is a in finite and limited natural resource, and Iraq should be move toward sustainable energy alternatives and ready to produce renewable energy and energy efficiency tools for the future generations.

The workshop will provide the opportunity for Iraqi experts to learn from international experts and exchange experiences.

  1. Academics
  2. Technical Engineers
Workshop Main Topics

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. Solar Energy
  2. Wind Energy
  3. Bio-Mass Energy
  4. Bio-Fuel Energy
  5. Geo-Thermal Energy
  6. Technology applications for Energy Efficiency
  7. Green Building as an Energy Efficiency Tool
  8. Sustainable Cities
The Outputs of the workshop

We anticipate that by the end of the workshop we will be ready to come up with outlines for pilot projects to be implemented as case studies for each theme in different cities/areas in Iraq.

Workshop Style

The workshop will be conducted in an interactive ways. The workshop will be divided into sessions; each session will include presentations from international and local experts to insure exchanging experience to the best level possible. The presentations will be followed by open discussions and interactive working groups.


The University of Babylon

In Cooperation with the:
National Education Program for Sustainable Engineering

Workshop Manager

Prof. Mohammad Ali Al-Anbari
Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development
Babylon University-Engineering College
Mobile: 009647801393050

  1. ArabEnv – Environmental Solutions and Sustainability (Confirmed). ArabEnv will provide assistance in moderating and facilitating the workshop, produce the workshop materials, establish partnerships. Further, ArabEnv will lead a session on Green Building
  2. Society of Engineering Colleges of Association of Arab Universities(Potential Partner- Under Discussion )
  3. Association of Arab Universities(Potential Partner- Under Discussion )
  4. Green World Cities (Potential Partner- Under Discussion )
  5. UNEP (Potential Partner- Under Discussion)
  6. Others (in progress)
Sustainable Energy Exhibition

The exhibition will be organized as a side event; international and local companies will be invited to participate and present their state of the art technology on Sustainable Energy.


Work is currently in progress to establish partnerships with private sector and international development agencies to contribute and provide funding.