In thinking ahead to a sustainable future, where development and environmental conservation are not seen as being at odds with one another, ArabEnv is committed to promoting Green design and construction, using the most cutting-edge technologies and methods. We will lead your project into sustainability and recognize the achievement with an international certification. certification program is the most prestigious green building standard in the world. At ArabEnv we will facilitate LEED certification for your sustainable project by providing the following services:

  • LEED Administration Consultancy, LEED is a certification process that requires a high level of communication and documentation. ArabEnv will Manage, Organize, Process Documents, Provide LEED credit review, Guide the team through the LEED certification process and be the connecting link between the entire project team when it comes to sustainability.
  • Train and Educate the Design and Construction Team by providing LEED training workshops specifically tailored for your project needs
  • Provide Commissioning Services to ensure the fundamental building elements and systems are designed, installed and calibrated to operate as intended.
  • Computer Energy Modeling, energy models provide a means to evaluate a building’s energy performance and help identify possible improvements in a building.
  • Design Green Educational Programs and Facilities. ArabEnv is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and will work with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) and its training partners to ensure our team and our clients are most up-to-date with green building technologies and best practice. We believe strongly in enabling Arab countries to become worldwide leaders in sustainable building design and providing exemplary models. With the wealth of renewable and alternative resources available in much of the region such as solar energy, the opportunities in this regard are endless.